FAQ for guests and partners of KIT

What is a KIT guest card?

The KIT guest card is a multifunctional chip card. Besides employees and students, there are numerous persons who need a chip card for their cooperation with KIT.

Who receives a KIT guest the guest card?

Every guest who needs a guest card can be issued a chip card. A distinction is made between guests from Campus North and guests from Campus South/East:
Guests of the Campus  North need a guest card which entitles them to enter the North Campus. This guest card is always produced on site at the Registration of Campus North office.
Guests and partners of Campus South with a GuP account will NOT automatically be issued a KIT-Card. The issuance of a guest card must be applied for by an authorized representative of the GuP in the  Gäste-und Partnerverwaltung (GuP) of KIT.

 How and where do new guests and partners receive their KIT Card?

For guests of the South Campus without a GuP account (e.g. external company), the KIT organizational units may request non-personalized guest cards from service∂ by IT-Beauftragte.
Guests and partners of Campus South with a GuP account:
If a guest has applied for a guest card by an authorized representative of the GuP, guest-card can be created automatically.  For this purpose, a current picture must be uploaded at
After the production of the ID card, the guests are informed by e-mail -in the KIT mailbox of the GuP account- that the guest card has been created and also about the collection possibilities a few days later at the Registration desk of Campus South.
Guests and partners of Campus South without GuP account:
The secretariat or the IT-Beauftragter of the respective organizational unit issues unpersonalized guest cards. 
Guests and partners (with or without a GuP account) of Campus North:
Report in person at the Registration of Campus North and apply for a guest card. The guest card is produced and issued on site.

What can I do with the guest card of KIT?

There are severeal thing to do

Admission to Campus North

The standard KIT guest card does not entitle the holder to access Campus North. If you need access to Campus North, you have to apply for it. A Campus North guest card (see Layout) will be issued. You will find further information on the websites of the Campus Security.

Access card for buildings

If required, the guest card can be activated as an access card for buildings. If you have any questions regarding the access system, please contact the persons responsible for the electronic locking system

Cashless payment

The KIT-Card can be used for payment in the cafeterias and refectories of the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe as well as in the canteen of Campus North. For this purpose, the credit balance can be managed at the revaluation and devaluation stations at these locations.

For revaluation there is also the possibility of autoloading. This means that you can top up your wallet directly at the cash desk. However, this requires registration and the issue of a direct debit authorization. The registration is possible at all service points of the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe.

Important note for Autoload customers (= automatic loading of the card): A new registration for Autoload is necessary after receiving the new card. Please set this up at one of the service points of the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe by presenting your EC-card.

Library card

The guest Card can be used as a library card. It is valid for the use of the KIT Library as well as for the use of the libraries of other Karlsruhe university libraries, the Landesbilbiothek Karlsruhe and the Stadtbibliothek Karlsruhe.
As a library card, the KIT Card entitles to borrow books, to use the lockers in the basement of the KIT Library, and to use the interlibrary loan machine.

What do I have to bring along to pick up the guest card?

You have to authenticate yourself with your identity card. When exchanging your guest card, please also bring your old card with you.

How long is the guest card valid?

The guest card has a maximum validity period until the end of your contract. The validity ends on the last day of the month printed on the card.

What is to do when the card expires?

When the card expires, a new guest card is automatically created if your employment contract is valid longer than the card's validity period and the card also expires in less than 6 weeks. Extensions are not possible. Make sure that a picture of you is uploaded at
You will be informed by e-mail when your card has been produced, when and where the guest card is ready for collection.
If this is not the case two working days after uploading the picture, please contact serviceVro9∂kit-card kit edu.
In exceptional cases, your identification office can also issue a KIT-Card.

What should I do if I lose my guest card?

If you have lost your guest card, please fill out the loss notification form and send it to the AServ-CSI department (Campus South, Library; Campus North, Building 221).  Please report the loss to the KIT Library as well to have the card blocked as a library card.

If you also use your guest card as a library card of the Stadtbibliothek Karlsruhe or the Badische Landesbibliothek, please report the loss to them as well.

If you still have credit on your guest card, you can apply for a refund at the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe, stating your card number and your wallet number. You can find the wallet number at You can find further information about the refund on the website of the Studierendenwerk. If you still have a card of the previous generation (before the exchange action 2018/2019), you can find
the wallet number on the printout that was given to you when the card was issued

What should I do if my guest card is defective?

If your card is defective, please contact one of the identification offices.
If you have a credit balance on your defective card, you can apply for a refund at the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe External Link. For this purpose you need the card and money exchange number. You can look up these numbers in the self-service portal of the SCC
After a new card has been issued for you, you will not be able to look up the numbers of the faulty/old card in the SCC portal.

How can I rebook / withdraw the credit on my KIT card?

Important: it is not possible to withdraw your credit in the Registration desk! For processes that are processed by the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe, the ID and wallet number of the KIT card must be known, for rebooking to a new KIT ​​card for both cards!

Rebooking at the Registration desk

When exchanging an expired / defective card, the credit available on it can be transferred to the new KIT ​​card on request. If necessary, speak to the employees at the Registration desk about this. Make a note of the ID and wallet number of the KIT card before exchanging the KIT card at the Registration desk.

Rebooking at the Studierendenwerk

If the rebooking at the registration desk was forgotten / was not possible because no previous card could be presented (loss) / defective card chip, etc., the process must be carried out via the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe.

Important: For this process, you will need to know the wallet number of both the old and new KIT Card. This can be found at under the KIT-Card tab.

Pay out at the Studierendenwerk

You have to contact the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe and fill out an application form. There you have to enter the ID number and the wallet number of the KIT card whose credit is to be paid out. For more information on reimbursement, see the Website of the Studierendenwerk.

Where can I find the ID and wallet number of my KIT card?

You can find this data for your current KIT card created from May 2018 in the self-service portal When a new KIT ​​card is activated, this information is overwritten and is therefore no longer available to you. If necessary, you can obtain this information for your predecessor card (s) by sending a request to the KIT Card Service post office box.

For KIT cards created before May 2018, you will find this data on the printout that was given to you when the card was issued. This information can give you the o.g. Do not deliver PO box as it was not available when the card portfolio was migrated!