FAQ for Employees

What is the KIT-Card?

The KIT-Card is a multifunctional RFID card for members of KIT. Employees use the KIT-Card as employee ID card and for many electronic services at KIT.

What can I do with my KIT-Card?

The KIT-Card offers many different services.

Access to Campus North

The employee ID card authorizes the cardholder to enter the Campus North. For specific access to buildings, please see "Electronic access control". Entrance authorizations to Campus South/East are issued in individual special cases, please contact the KIT building management for this purpose.

Working time recording

With the KIT-Card you can clock in and clock out at the many terminals distributed all over the campus. The participation at the time management must be requested via HR.

Cashless payment

The KIT card can be used for payment in the cafeterias and refectories of the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe as well as in the canteen of the North Campus. For this purpose, the credit balance can be managed at the revaluation and devaluation stations at these locations.

You can also use the autoload to upgrade the card amount. This means that you can top up your wallet directly at the cash register. To do this, however, you must first register and issue a direct debit authorization. Registration is possible at all service points of the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe.
After receiving a new KIT card, you have to re-register for Autoload. You can find all service points here.

KIT Library services

The guest card can be used as library card. It is valid for the use of the KIT library as well as for the use of the libraries of other Karlsruhe university libraries, the Landesbilbiothek Karlsruhe and the Stadtbibliothek Karlsruhe.
As a library card, the guest card entitles to borrow books, to use the lockers in the basement of the KIT Library, and to use the interlibrary loan machine.

Electronic access control

The access to buildings is controlled mainly by an electronic locking system. To apply for access please contact the responsible building officer. The secretariat of your institute can give you this information.

Who gets a KIT-Card?

Every employee at KIT gets a KIT-Card as employee ID.

How do new employees receive their KIT-Card?

Different procedures apply at the various KIT locations, see below.

We need a picture for your KIT card, which you can provide to us in the self-service portal If the upload is not possible because no suitable picture is available or due to technical problems, the KIT Card can also be produced at the Registration desk. The image recorded with the camera installed there is deleted immediately after the KIT card has been produced and can therefore not be used for further cards.
On the next working day after uploading the picture, a KIT card will be automatically produced and you will then be informed of this by email to the KIT mailbox.

Important: Do not upload a picture if you do not want / need a KIT card!

Campus north

Important: Do not upload an image under any circumstances at, as this may result in a second KIT Card being produced in parallel to the one created during registration!

You will receive your KIT card on the first working day at the registration desk on Campus North, more detailed information on this from the responsible personnel department. For this purpose, you will be photographed with the installed camera. This image is not available for the production of further KIT cards!

Campus south, east, west

If possible, upload a current picture to the self-service portal at
Check the box next to "Pick up at" according to the actual location of your workplace.

KIT branch offices (Berlin, Dresden, Garmisch, Ulm, etc.)

Upload a picture to the self-service portal at
Check the box for "Pick up on" on "Campus North", as the KIT cards are sent to the branch offices via  Registration desk on Campus North.

Where and how do I get my KIT-Card?

After the card has been produced, the KIT card is usually issued on the next working day at the Registration desk selected when the image was uploaded by "pick up at". The place of issue is also mentioned in the email notification. Employees at the KIT branch offices (such as Berlin, Dresden, Garmisch, Ulm, etc.) receive their KIT card at the branch office after agreement with the registration on the Campus North .

What do I have to provide for the KIT-Card collection?

You have to authenticate yourself with your identity card. When exchanging your KIT-Card please bring your old card with you.

How long is my KIT-Card valid?

The KIT cards are valid for maximum 5 years from the date of issue or until the end of the contract communicated by the HR department. The validity ends on the last day of the month that is printed on the KIT card.

I need a new KIT ​​card, what do I have to do for it?

There are various reasons why it may be necessary to receive a new KIT ​​card: lost card, defective KIT card, reaching / exceeding the expiry date printed on it.

My KIT card has expired / expires soon

Renewals are not possible! A successor card can be issued if the expiry date printed on the KIT card will be reached shortly (4-6 weeks) or has already been exceeded.

Do I automatically get a successor card?

When the card expires, a new KIT ​​card is automatically created if the following is met:

  • Your employment contract is valid beyond the date printed on the current KIT card

  • Your KIT card will expire in a maximum of 6 weeks / has already expired

  • You have uploaded a picture to the self-service portal If you do not have a suitable picture at hand or if you have technical difficulties uploading a picture, go to the registration desk and have the successor card created there. For this purpose, you will be photographed with the camera installed there, the resulting photo will then be deleted and cannot be used as a basis for future KIT cards.

On the first working day on which the 3 criteria are met, your new KIT ​​card will be produced and you will then be informed by e-mail when and where it will be available for collection. If this notification has not reached your KIT mailbox for two or more working days, contact the responsible registration desk, which can issue you a KIT card on site.

What can I do if I have lost my KIT-Card?

Go to the responsible registration desk and bring the completed loss notification form with you. Have a new ID created there, an image that is available / newly uploaded at can be used.

Be sure to report the loss to the KIT library so that the card can be blocked as a library card.

If you also use your KIT card as an ID for the Karlsruhe City Library or the Badische Landesbibliothek, report the loss there as well.

If you still have credit on your card and would like a refund / rebooking, you can apply for this at the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe.

What do I have to consider before / after exchanging a KIT card?

  • Important: Uploading an image in the self-service portal only results in the automated creation of a new KIT ​​card when the card expires! If you do not want / need a successor card, do not upload any / delete an existing image on

  • KIT cards that have expired or are about to expire will be replaced automatically.

  • Defective / lost KIT cards must be replaced in individual production at the Registration desk

  • The credit on the current KIT card can be transferred to the new KIT ​​card when the card is exchanged. Talk to the employees at the Registration desk. If you cannot present the previous card or if the process is not possible for technical reasons or if you forgot to transfer it, you must contact the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe afterwards.

  • Autoload customers (= automatic card top-up) have to register again for Autoload after receiving a new KIT ​​card.

Do I have to reapply for authorizations that I received for the old KIT card?

No! Authorizations that you received for the old KIT card will be transferred to the successor card. This applies to building / entrance (south and east campus) authorizations and also to time management.

What do I do if I cannot (can no longer) enter a building with my KIT card?

A distinction must be made between:

No authorization: The LED on the card reader lights up red. Contact the building manager, who can be given to you by your secretariat.

Defect of the card reader: No LED display on the card reader, not so on other card readers. Report the location of this reader to us by email, which should be checked and replaced if necessary.

Defect of the card chip: No LED display on several card readers. You need a new KIT card, which you can obtain from the registration desk. For the production of a new KIT ​​card, upload a portrait photo to the self-service portal and then go to the Registration desk. The KIT card is produced on site and given to you in exchange for the defective one.

What can I do, if I can not (longer) use my KIT card to pay / top up?

Contact the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe (service point in the foyer of the cafeteria) and let them check your card / your card account. If necessary, have a new KIT ​​card created at the Registration desk if it turns out that the chip on your card is damaged.

How can I rebook / withdraw the credit on my KIT card?

Important: it is not possible to withdraw your credit in the Registration desk! For processes that are processed by the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe, the ID and wallet number of the KIT card must be known, for rebooking to a new KIT ​​card for both cards!

Rebooking at the Registration desk

When exchanging an expired / defective card, the credit available on it can be transferred to the new KIT ​​card on request. If necessary, speak to the employees at the Registration desk about this. Make a note of the ID and wallet number of the KIT card before exchanging the KIT card at the Registration desk.

Rebooking at the Studierendenwerk

If the rebooking at the registration desk was forgotten / was not possible because no previous card could be presented (loss) / defective card chip, etc., the process must be carried out via the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe.

Important: For this process, you will need to know the wallet number of both the old and new KIT Card. This can be found at under the KIT-Card tab.

Pay out at the Studierendenwerk

You have to contact the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe and fill out an application form. There you have to enter the ID number and the wallet number of the KIT card whose credit is to be paid out. For more information on reimbursement, see the Website of the Studierendenwerk.

Where can I find the ID and wallet number of my KIT card?

You can find this data for your current KIT card created from May 2018 in the self-service portal When a new KIT ​​card is activated, this information is overwritten and is therefore no longer available to you. If necessary, you can obtain this information for your predecessor card (s) by sending a request to the KIT Card Service post office box.

For KIT cards created before May 2018, you will find this data on the printout that was given to you when the card was issued. This information can give you the o.g. Do not deliver PO box as it was not available when the card portfolio was migrated!

My work at KIT has ended / will end shortly, what do I have to do with my KIT card?

Since the KIT card is the property of the KIT, you must hand it in to the ID office / secretariat of the institute when you finish your KIT activity.