Use instructions

Hand mit StudierendenkarteSCC

The following guidelines must be respected when using the KIT-Card:

  • The KIT-Card is the property of KIT.
  • The KIT-Card must be handed over to Campus Security on request.
  • The KIT Card must be returned to the issuing office upon termination of employment at KIT.
  • Any loss of the KIT Card must be reported immediately to the issuing office.

Access to the KIT Campus North is only permitted with a valid KIT Card or a specially issued access pass, which must be presented to Campus Security without being requested to do so. The student ID does not entitle the holder to access Campus North. If required, Campus Security will issue an additional Semester Access Card for students. Please contact the registration desk at Campus Nord.

Further information on access to Campus Nord can be found on the Campus Security pages.


The data on the chip of the KIT-Card are all encrypted and cannot be read by unauthorized persons. Only the serial number uniquely assigned to a card by the manufacturer can be read. If you want to prevent this, the use of commercially available RFID blockers is recommended. Please also note the explanations on data protection and the technology of the KIT-Card.