Use of the KIT-Card for own services

If you want to integrate the KIT-Card into your own processes or services, the KIT-Card-Team offers very easy to use features. For this you have to get a programmable reader TWN4 von Elatec. The advantage of this reader is that no special driver is required. The installation of local software is not required. The cost of this reader is about 130 €.
This reader is programmed by the KIT-Card team so you can use it in your environment. Before you purchase a reader, please contact the KIT-Card-Team .
There are two operating modes for this reader:

  1. 1. use as USB HID Device
    The reader is connected to the device like a USB keyboard. If a card is presented, the card number is transferred to the device like an input on a USB keyboard. The operation of the reader does not require a driver and is suitable for all devices a USB keyboard can be connected.
  2. use as USB Serial Device
    The reader is connected to the USB interface of the computer. At this point the reader registers as USB Serial Device (e.g. under Windows as COMx under Linux as /dev/ttyxxxx).
    A command is sent to the reader in the linemode of the serial interface:
    01 → for the KIT-Card number printed on the card
    02x → for Beep: x=1:success,2:error
    If desired, this command may also be acknowledged. If you then place a card on the reader, the corresponding number is output via the serial interface.

Since no personal data (name, etc.) is stored on the KIT-Card, it is possible to retrieve further data via web services and to query the validity of the card online.

For questions or concrete plans please contact the KIT-Card-Team