The KIT-Card as Student Identification Card

Procedure for newly enrolled students

The KIT-Card needs a picture of you

Upload a picture of you at
You will find the corresponding account data in the applicant portal under Documents (see also FAQ).
Make sure that you are clearly recognizable on the picture in the portrait, biometric identifiers are not required. Uploading this image is a prerequisite for the subsequent production of your ID card.

Since the KIT-Card is considered a student ID according to §12, paragraph 3 of the KIT Admission and Registration Regulations, a portrait photo of you is essential. If the picture does not show you but another person or animal, if you are not recognizable due to disguise or sunglasses (except in case of medical necessity), etc., the ID card will not be issued and a replacement ID card will be produced at your expense. The costs for this are 15.- Euro.

You will receive an e-mail in your KIT mailbox after your KIT-Card has been produced

This e-mail describes when and where you can pick up your KIT-Card.

Pick up the KIT-Card

Please bring your identity card, passport or residence permit with you to collect your card.
For the location and opening hours of the card issuing office, please see the page registration desks.

Load amount of money on card

This is possible at the machines in the entry area of the cafeteria of lines 1 and 2.