The bwCard federation

All higher education institutions in Baden-Württemberg can participate in the bwCard federation.
The aim of the federation is the digital federal use of the respective locally issued cards. A member of a participating institution can use their bwCard at another participating institution for services offered. An example of an (other) already existing smart card federation is the Federation of Karlsruhe LibrariesKA-LIB:
In order for a bwCard to be recognised at an institution other than its own, the reliability of the card status (valid/not valid) is important. Each institution must be able to rely on always receiving up-to-date information on a bwCard when the status is retrieved at the card's home institution. All participants in the federation undertake to do this.
The retrieval of the card status can only take place if the cardholder has agreed to it beforehand.
Chip cards of the bwCard Federation can be recognised visually by the bwCard logo in one of the following 3 variants on the front or back:

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